Evergreen Campus of Care.

Evergreen Campus of Care.

As you probably remember, I live in an assisted living complex. There are three sections, with about three hundred people to supply meals for. This is a seniors place, so food can’t be too highly spiced, etc.

With all places, eventually you get a little tired of the menu, even though it is fairly good. And, we get pie every Sunday. We have our “big” meal at noon.


Today was absolutely delicious.

Stuffed Veal Cutlets!  The stuffing was mushrooms and cheese…then over all was a white sauce with mushrooms in it! Awesome!!!  And baked custard for desert!!!

Yesterday there was a bus trip for those who wanted to go to a certain restaurant for lunch. One of my friends went, and gave them $40.00 to pay $23.00 for her lunch and the waitress never brought any change! She finally got it from a different waitress. And, they said it wasn’t that great, and would never go back there again.

All in all, I’m quite happy right where I am.


5 thoughts on “Evergreen Campus of Care.

  1. I must agree with Dave …. looks delicious and having been there for lunch with you I can say the ladies that look after you are quite friendly and attentive .

  2. Your lunch today looks scrumptious! I was thinking that must have been a pretty expensive restaurant the group went to yesterday if lunch cost your friend $23. With such inefficient service it doesn’t sound like she had a very good outing.

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