Seeing or looking

2008:12:01 - dad cloud copyLooking and seeing are not the same thing

This is the heading from the blog of my niece, and it has sparked a memory for me. Thanks Carol!

For some people, they look, but never see! Many others have the true gift of seeing. Like my youngest son, Gary. He kept watching the clouds to see his dad… and he finally ‘saw’ what he was looking for!

His brother, Ra, then came up with a photo of their dad, that fit right into the “cloud picture.”

Most would have looked and seen only the clouds. My two sons were lucky enough to see past the original view.

Original Photo…Gary McGuire

2nd and 3rd photos..Ra McGuire


6 thoughts on “Seeing or looking

  1. The first time I saw this it took my breath away and brought a tear to my eye. I loved him so much !
    Thanks for sharing this photo . It again takes my breath away and brings a tear to my eye.
    Love you

  2. Wow that is amazing. Yes it is nice when people can see things in clouds, other pictures, etc. It is a great gift.

  3. Looking beyond the obvious isn’t easy to do. I think that kind of seeing takes a special ability. I’m so glad Ra and Gary have had opportunities to use their ability in such a rewarding way… and that you’ve shared what they saw with us.

  4. I think I’ve seen this before — Gary’s flickr, maybe? or Ra’s blog? I don’t remember, but I absolutely loved seeing it again here today. It is the coolest thing! Thanks for posting. 🙂

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