Good word, isn’t it? Procrastinating. Have you looked up the meaning of it?  Or is that something you were going to do later?
Have you heard about March Madness?
No, not the sale at the furniture store. It’s a group of like-minded people who join together in the month of March, hoping to put a stop to that Procrastinating thing. They tell me that the encouragement they get from other Madness participants helps them achieve some of their goals. It also promotes new friendships!
an2Procrastinating is not only for authors… it can get anybody, and does! You know, those people who always “put off until tomorrow” as much of the day’s work as they can get away with… but it will eventually catch up with them, and take even longer to look after than if they had done it right away.
I’ve been putting off writing for my blog, so decided to join in the March Madness fun.
Maybe you are ready for something like this. Give it a try. Click over here and find out what it’s all about.

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