Meandering again.

Meandering again!

When I was sixteen we had moved from Vancouver out to Langley where dad had fifteen acres. And five cows. I milked  three cows before walking a mile and a quarter to the school bus which then drove the five miles to the high school. If dad wasn’t feeling good I milked all five of the cows, and cleaned the barn!

That’s when I was given a twenty-four base piano accordion. My brother had bought it on time and dad ended up having to pay what was still owing on it.1951:06:13 Norma,Accordian,Townline Rd

I learned how to play it on my own. Where am I going with this? Oh yes….

Every Saturday night there was a whist drive and dance at Otter,  a couple of miles from home. They had an accordionist and a drummer for the dance. The accordionist was moving away, and our neighbour asked me to play! Me and a drummer, and we played two hours, for two dollars each. In those times that was pretty good money!

A few years later I was given another accordion… this time it was a one hundred and twenty base, and it was heavy! Lucky for me that my public performances were over!

Eventually it was just too heavy for my shoulders, so I got an organ… and then when I moved here the organ was too big, so I got a keyboard.

I don’t play as often as I used to, but when I do play I really enjoy myself.


2 thoughts on “Meandering again.

  1. Somehow the fact that you are a musician doesn’t surprise me in the least. I have a friend who bought an electric organ when she was in her sixties. She said she just wanted to play for her own amazement.

  2. Anyone who has read back into your archived posts and/or remembers how musical your family is, wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised that you are, too… and so was Uncle Harry. Musical and artistic and a writer as well! Music brings so much joy, both to those who play and those who listen. I’m glad you still play. 🙂

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