More Changes

Oxygen Changes!

For many years I have been on oxygen at night.. supplied from a machine that makes the oxygen. At one time I had the portable oxygen as well, I had to use it any time I went out of my home. I eventually got rid of that portable, and I did well for a few years. That came in cylinders that were delivered by Vital Aire.

Since my last hospital stay they have put me on oxygen 24/7…… portable oxygen  for any time i leave my suite. With the new use of the oxygen during the daytime hours, I have a new Oxygen provider, and sitting on top of that is the machine that fills the oxygen into the cylinders! I only have two cylinders…the one I’m using and the one that is filling! That eliminates deliveries from Vital Aire, and also the requirement for storage space for the extra cylinders.

2014-01-08 19.38.22

This change makes it easier for me, even though it is a bit of a challenge to have a hose attached to my nose all the time!



One thought on “More Changes

  1. We sometimes reminisce about how much better ‘the good old days’ were, but today’s advances in technology have provided us with many things that help improve the quality of our lives. At one time who would have guessed you would be able to manufacture your own oxygen in your own homes? That’s definitely a change for the better. 🙂

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