Childhood days

Favourite Birthdays.

I’ve been asked to name a favourite ( or unfavourite) birthday.P1010376

We always had a homemade birthday cake, and the icing was made with an egg white and a grated apple… then beat the dickens out of it! Mother always made our cakes, and  they were very delicious, but other kids had store bought ones.

The year that I was nine, Mom made my cake…but my uncle arrived, unannounced, and brought a store bought cake. It wasn’t  nearly as good as the one mom made!

P1010375I don’t remember the present from that year. I do remember the present from Mrs. Leslie.

Way back then there was’t a restaurant on every corner…nor in the middle of the block, either. People just didn’t go out for meals as much as they do now. Especially little children…very seldom that they were taken out to “dine”.

Not only did they take me out to ‘dine’ but they also gave me a small Wedgewood china vase. I loved that blue and white vase…and I don’t know what happened to it in all the moves…but I can still see it in my mind’s eye. Remember, I was only nine years old! But I do remember the lilac coloured taffeta dress and the black patent leather shoes that I wore, those were my Sunday shoes!


5 thoughts on “Childhood days

  1. What wonderful birthday memories! I’ll bet you looked very sweet in your lilac dress and black patent shoes, too. Now you’ve got me thinking back and trying to recall which of my childhood birthdays was the most memorable. All I can think of is the one I spent on the train when Mom and I were going to Toronto in 1945!

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