Grandma Andrews and more memories

My mother’s mom, Grandma Andrews, was the only one of my grandparents still alive when I was born , and she died when I was about nine or ten.

She lived with my mom’s sister, my Auntie Mabel. Every once in a while she would come and stay with us.  She was a tailoress…always wore black, old time type dresses right to the floor. I remember that she would clean out all the drawers, and rearrange them as they should be! You know…socks, handkerchiefs, underwear, things like that. That’s all I remember of her!

Mom had a friend…Mrs. Beavis, a widow, who would also come and stay for awhile. I didn’t like her very much. I guess she had to squeeze every cent out. Anyway, she would give us our cereal with lots of  milk on, and we would leave the milk. At our next meal, lunch time, we would have a glass of milk saved from the cereal! It tasted awful. Dad would open the window in the breakfast nook, and when she wasn’t looking he dumped it!

Another one that came and stayed for awhile was Dad’s sister, Aunt Eleanor.   She was a practical nurse, and when one job ended  she would head for dad’s place, no advance notice, and would stay until her next job turned up. She was always “hard up”, and Dad would help her out. When she died I was the only one that she left anything to…a sum total of five dollars. The lawyer laughed…but knowing her, I knew it was to pay for postage stamps, as at that time I was writing letters trying to trace the family tree. She left $8,000– to the kinsmen manor, where she had been staying. ‘It had been a long time since dad had seen eight thousand dollars!’

She slept with me in my bed. I liked the window open; she didn‘t  like it open.  She slept at the foot of  the bed with her feet in my face. She was a very weird lady. She was very nosy, too…always asking me about mom and dad’s business. My answer was, “I don’t know,” but she still kept asking!

I just dragged out another small memory about her! I had carved a deer out of a bar of Ivory Soap, and had it in my bedroom. It disappeared and I found it later, hidden, with a broken leg!


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