A Fur Coat

P1020046A fur coat! In the days when it was all right to have a fur coat… Mom had a muskrat coat. I don’t know what happened to it, but she wasn’t going to wear it any more, and had it made into a coat for me. I wore it to school, along with a white angora tam. The other kids called me the bear and had me chasing them… kind of like tag, but more fun to have a bear chasing you!

Like I usually do, I’m going to change subjects… My dad taught me how to play cribbage when I was seven or eight, and I was pretty good at it. Dad had a friend who would stop by every night on his way home from work and they would play one game of cribb. One night dad mentioned that he was home but had me  take his place, and when I beat his friend, he stormed out! He couldn’t stand having this kid beat him! I’m not sure I remember correctly, but I think that was the end of the cribbage games!

I’ve mentioned dad had the Russel Vogler Export Co. and shipped logs to Japan, he would have to be up with the tides so he could get to the booming ground to buy what logs he wanted. I had him being home at noon and again, near supper time. Sounds like he didn’t work… actually, it was the opposite. Dad could look at a boom of logs and figure out almost exactly the number of board feet it would produce, a great asset for him. One time he told me it was a psychic ability… the number just appeared in his head.


One thought on “A Fur Coat

  1. Fur coats were certainly popular at one time. I don’t recall if my mother had one, but my mother-in-law did, and it was eventually given to me. I only wore it to church, and when people started getting concerned about the slaughter of fur-bearing animals, I stopped wearing it even there. I remember it was very soft and warm.

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