Point Grey Junior High

School Days. It was about this time that we moved to the Cariboo…sixteen miles from Horsefly, in Beaver Valley and fifty miles from Williams Lake. I loved it there. I had my own horse and loved riding him every day. Named him Barney Google!!

Back to school! Well, there was no school in Beaver Valley. The nearest one was eighteen miles away in Horsefly, so… I took my schooling by correspondence from Victoria. There was another problem with this. My mom, sister and two brothers didn’t think I could do the lessons, so they did all the work, then had me copy everything so it would be in my handwriting…they didn’t think I could handle this!

When we moved back to Vancouver, I went to the same Maple Grove school. After a year there I was promoted a year, so I only missed one year in school. From Maple Grove, I went to Point Grey Junior High. Favourite subject? Art, with Miss Broe. She said I should go to art school, but we were moving again, to Langley this time, and there was no money for me to go to art school in Vancouver. I loved all of my subjects.


Was I Popular ? Was I an athlete? A Band kid? A wallflower? Well, let’s see now. I was the captain of the baseball team, captain of grass hockey team, captain of the basketball team and the badminton team. But I could not run… so I wasn’t an athlete. I played the piano accordion in the band, the only girl in it. I really don’t think I was a wallflower…but who knows!? Oh, by the way, I was in the top three of the class, in every subject.


6 thoughts on “Point Grey Junior High

  1. Capable, versatile, well-rounded, lively, enthusiastic, real, all words to describe you as a youngster. And you haven’t changed a bit. How I wish I had known you then… But I’m grateful to get to know you now. May you have a blessed day.

      • Judith, pleases forgive the misspelling of your name…my typing is not too good, and editing is no better.

      • Oh, Norma, I didn’t even notice the typo. You have no idea how many times I mistype it myself. Most of the time, it comes out Judity because I hit the “y” instead of the “h”. As we age, our fingers don’t always do what we tell them to. And as for editing – once I’ve written it, I know what it says, and the typos do creep in.

  2. Why is it no surprise to us that you excelled in art at school? 🙂 It sounds like you enjoyed your school years and had a lot of wonderful and varied experiences there.

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