We moved again, this time to Langley, in 1939 when I was sixteen, ten days before the end of grade ten…and I had to go to school for those ten days! I didn’t learn anything, but I did get to know some of the other kids and some of the teachers, which made it a little easier when school started again in September.

20130313 stump copyLangley High had a music teacher, and he decided we should put on an operetta. He got “A wishing Well” for us and then it was time for auditions. My ‘group’ that hung out together decided to try out just for fun. Two of us “made it”, Joan Flowerdew and me. We had to sing ‘Brahms Lullaby’.

I had the lead roll of “Mary”. We made our own costumes, and had a lot of fun as we learned our parts. The big day we performed in the theatre in the afternoon for the whole school, and again in the evening for families. It was quite a thrill to be presented with flowers at the end!

2004:06 :19 Roses10That was on a Thursday. I went back to school on Friday and tried to catch up on anything I had missed during rehearsals. Friday night the high school principal and the bank manager came to my home and asked if I wanted a job! Come to the bank and see the manager Saturday morning. Nora Alexander was the other one picked! We went to work on that Saturday! I started hand-posting ledgers.

The Principle promised us our graduation certificates, but when I went to get mine he changed his mind. Many years later I wrote to Victoria, on the advice of a teacher, and eventually got my Certificate!


One thought on “Langley

  1. You went to a lot of different schools but it didn’t seem to hold you back at all. You obviously did well, and I’m glad you didn’t give up on getting your graduation certificate. You deserved it! 🙂

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