Langley 2

1940 Gr. 10A Langley HighThe principal at Langley High was Mr. Manzer. He said he had no intention of learning all the girl’s first names… so called them all by their last name… except for me. I was Norma, to him. I was class president. He taught Math. If he was a bit late getting to class I would have every one working. He appreciated that everyone was working instead of fooling around. Years later when I was doing genealogy I found that Henry Manzer was my great great grandfather…I never followed up on it, so don’t know if we were related!

We had a fantastic teacher there…Don Rogers. He drilled us every class, so that we hardly had to study at all…he had us ‘knowing’ the answers! As there was nothing much to do at noon, our group (two boys, four girls) would walk into the main part of town, about a mile, and get a cocoanut for five cents, and share it as we sat around talking.

We tried to get a drill team started, but none of the teachers was willing to take it on. Then we tried to get a new High School… even had the whole school parade through town and back. It was led by the band on the back of a flat deck truck…that’s where I was…with the band. Eventually, Langley got a new high school, but not through our efforts! Some of us joined the Girl Guides, and then worked hard to get our badges.

1941 Guides-Church parade


One thought on “Langley 2

  1. You have such great memories of your school days! I don’t think I could have sung in front of the audience in my teens, although you’ll probably remember I did some dancing and baton twirling. 🙂

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