This and That.

This and that. I’m tired of thinking so far back to my school days…that was a long time ago! Maybe some thing a little closer in time would be better.

When my three sons were small, I took a course in candy making and cake design by correspondence. I really enjoyed both courses. My dad told my sister that I made the best fudge he ever tasted! He never told me, because I might stop making it the same way!

I needed lots of practice making the cakes. Well, not making them, but decorating them. So I made 9 x 12 cakes, iced and decorated and sold them for two dollars. That paid for the ingredients! I had lots of orders for birthday cakes. Every year I made a cake and took it to one of the boy’s classes. All three got a special cake every year. Each time the principal would wheel the cake around to every room, with me in tow, to show all the kids what I had done. Anytime there was something special on at the school, my neighbour, Ruby, and I were asked to cater it . It was something we both enjoyed. 1959 :08 Gingerbread houseOne Christmas Danny asked me to make a gingerbread house for their party. After making the cake, i filled it with extra cookies so everyone would get some of it. Well they started eating the food, and the teacher saved the ‘house’ to the last. Dany wouldn’t eat anything because he was going to fill up on gingerbread. Poor guy…the teacher decided that they should take the cake to the Children’s Hospital, and Danny ended up with nothing to eat at the party.


3 thoughts on “This and That.

  1. Mouth-watering candies and cakes! Yum! But poor Danny… missing out on the gingerbread must have been such a disappointment. I’ll bet you had something else to offer him as an after school consolation treat. 🙂

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