A beautiful, sunny day!

Maybe I should take a ‘run’ down to the beach…its only a couple of blocks away, but a steep hill going down… and it seems even steeper coming back. Willie, my motorized chair, would never make it! Better not go!!

My mind has been roving around, seeing what it could find. Something I said made me think of my second brother, Horace…who was ten years older than me, and was my pal. He died in an accident a week before his twenty-fifth birthday, when I was fifteen.

Mom used to tell this story about him. One day he came running in to her and excitedly exclaimed “I found it! I found it!”   “What did you find?” my mom asked?”   “I found  my whistle, I found my whistle!”  he proudly replied.

“Kids say the darnedest things”…Art Linkletter said that with his TV show years ago.  images


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