When our children are small and everything is new, even their vocabulary is all new.  Some words come easy, while others are much more difficult.


When I was around seven or eight my gardening neighbour tried to teach me the names of all of her flowers. I was quick to learn, but there was one that I could not pronounce…nemesium….


I do remember that she would be out in the garden transplanting ones from the nursery…always on a rainy day…then she would go in and have a mustard bath and never seemed to catch a cold from doing it.


I wonder how I can change subjects so quickly?


So back to what I started out to write!


One of my sons had a couple of words that he couldn’t say at first…Pyterpater and Skeeverskyver.

Did you have one of those? Or maybe both?


I remember paying fifty dollars for a ‘peviously owned’

Pyterpater, and was really happy to have it.


I was sorry when my husband taught him how to say the words properly!


7 thoughts on “Vocabulary

  1. I think English must be a difficult language to learn, even as an adult. So many words are similar and yet different… like hospital and hospitable… or the same word means different things (i.e., “he wound the bandage around the wound”). I’m not very good at remembering all the names of flowers. The one I stumble over pronouncing is Anemone. I always say ‘anenome’. As for ‘Pyterpater’ and ‘Skeeverskyver’, I have no idea what they are or what they’re supposed to be!

  2. heheh I’ve been rolling those two words around my mouth for five minutes and can’t come up with anything. I even tried to google seeing if something would come up with a close spelling. 😀 We had “burglebees and bumbees” in our backyard. 😀
    I’ll be watching the blog to see who can guess right!

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