1935 PrinceBack to Vancouver


About 1935 Dad decided to move us back to Vancouver where there would be a chance for him and the two boys to get jobs. That wasn’t going to happen in the



And that’s when my sister and Al Campbell, who owned the next ranch, decided to get married. But it was time to sell the cattle, so he was to come to Vancouver after he sold the ones that were an increase for the year.


That meant a cattle drive of fifty miles out to Williams Lake…a three or four day trip…not the way its done now  in the back of a truck!


They went to see Rev. Braden at Ryerson United Church to “ talk about the wedding”… but didn’t just talk about it… they got married. .and after a few days they went back up to his ranch in Beaver Valley.


Summer holidays when I was out of school I would go and spend a couple of months with them. My sister was only seven years older than me!

1935 Norma on King

In those days… you checked the newspaper ads… someone would be traveling to that area and wanted a passenger who would help pay for the gas! My first try at this we had a couple of flat tires so we were late getting to the 153 Mile House where Al was to meet me…he had to leave to go milk cows and would pick me up in Horsefly the next day after I traveled with the mail carrier to get there. It was quite an adventure for a 12 year old! We were not like todays pre-teens.

1935 haying

I loved those holidays.  I helped my sister, but most of all I loved being able to ride most days. I say “most days” because I had to do what Lena wanted before I could ride…and I had to ask her if I could ask Al if I could ride his horse!


One day she wasn’t going to let me ask…I hadn’t done something she wanted me to do. Al was sitting there, looking out the open door…he said “Heh Norma! You see that stump out there in that swampy area? Well, go get a horse and see if its a bear!” Lena would not contradict anything Al said! So I got to ride. I loved that guy!!!


I was part of the hay crew…I drove the rake team..raked and then reraked the whole meadow. Then I was driving the team that took the hay  from the field to the barn, or hay stack. When I was leaving Al gave me Five dollars for what I had done… that was a LOT of money in those days.


5 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I think all of you probably gained a lot during your summers together. You helped them out, but you also created memory-making experiences. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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