In 1938  we were living at 70th and Granville. A young man came to our door looking for a rooming place. He had his pilots license, but was to be at the air port to upgrade his flying skills. He was a Mounted Policeman!  WOW!


We didn’t have a separate. spare room…. so, being a little crazy about the Mounties I begged for my parents to let him have my room, and I would sleep on a couch in their room.


It just happened that he was staying with us when we got word that my brother had died. He was very kind and considerate, and it was a good thing for mom and dad to have his companianship while they talked about some of the things that he ran into with his job.

1938 Stan Rothwell jpg copy

And, Stan took me up in a two seater airplane! While we were ‘up’ it fogged in and he had to drop the plane quite  a distance in order to get out of the fog. I thought I was losing my tummy!


Stan was with us for a couple of months, and we were all sad to see him go. He obtained the license he had been working for and was then in some  position out at the Vancouver airport.


2 thoughts on “Stan

  1. Sometimes people come into our lives just for awhile, and at the “right” time. We look back at these people and know they were our angels helping us through. You were very blessed! 🙂

  2. I agree with Heather… people sometimes come into our lives, even for a brief time, for a purpose. Stan obviously made an impact on you and your family.

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