At Last!

At Last!   Last November, six months ago, I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I had been on oxygen at night for quite a few years, but when I came home from there, I was put on oxygen 24/7. It does make it a little more difficult to do things, and each time I leave my suite I have to change to the portable oxygen, and when I get home, go through the changing all over again.

I was weak, with little or no energy… and had no desire to do anything! Eventually I began wanting to draw and paint…but still lacked the ambition to do either. It is not a good thing to just sit around doing nothing or watching TV.

So, after six months I finally got out my pencils (and eraser) and I drew a rose. It was another four or five days before I got out my paints, brushes and some water, and went to work painting it!

6 month rose copy I give it to you! With love! For all of my faithful followers who kept coming to visit. I appreciate each and everyone of you and sincerely thank you!


8 thoughts on “At Last!

  1. OH, Norma! Thank you!!! I do love roses. My father grew them and was quite generous with them. So often when someone in the community was going through a bad time, suddenly a rose would appear on a desk or counter. No fancy vase, just a pop bottle or olive jar. When he died, there were innumerable bud vases with a single rose or two from people who had been his recipients. This is as beautiful a rose as he ever grew. How wonderful you are painting again.

  2. well hello lovely lady 🙂 I am happy to be able to comment now that my computer is back and working. For some reason my tablet would not let me comment. The rose is beautiful as are you ! I love you and hope to see you soon .

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