Little Geese!

Little geese.


The village of Likely had a very small population, but they had a school house and a teacher. The teacher was Albert Pattenaud, and he lived out the other side of Horsefly. He came home every weekend and holidays.


In the winter when sound travelled so far and so clearly, you could hear him coming as he always had this bad cough. His wife and a couple of kids travelled with him.


Some body had given me a couple of baby geese…goblets?  I don’t think so.  Maybe they were cygnets, but not sure of that.  Now I remember… they are called Goslings!  I dearly loved them and was taking really good care of  them. Had them outside in the daytime, but put them in the chicken house at night so they would have protection from the weasels.


Back to the teacher! His youngest son, Phillip. was about six or seven years old. He would pick up one of my toys (many of my toys, one at a time. ) And Say “It’s no dood, Norma doesn’t want it. I’ll take it over to Likely.”  And, in most cases it worked for him.


This trip they were going to Likely and only staying over one night…and they asked me to go along with them! Mom and dad gave me permission to go and I was all excited.l


We arrived at their friends home just before supper time. That had been the arrangement… have supper there. Well, there  were ten of us, and she used six eggs for an omelette. Not going to put on too much weight with that amount  of food! I was glad to head for home.


It was a very sad arrival for me. They forgot to put my goslings in the chicken coop, and the weasel got all of them, draining all the blood out of them  and leaving the bodies there for me to find. I wished I had never gone to Likely with the Patenauds!


6 thoughts on “Little Geese!

    • Gee Dave! It’s really difficult for me to think up what to write about, and then you go and almost complain! One Mother’s day my boys gave me $2.00 and that was so I could phone my sister in the Caribou…that was long distance. Maybe now days people don’t really understand how much $2.00 was.
      Besides. my birthday is at the same time, maybe a few days apart, so Mother’s day was not the big issue.

  1. Oh, how devastated you must have been! That’s obviously a tender memory to have stayed with you for all these years. I trust you had better luck with future “pets”.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your Mother’s Day.

    Sending love!

  2. Hi, Norma – I really enjoyed your story, sad as it was. I can relate so well – as you know! Some might say there are enough geese in this world and it hardly matters if some goslings die. It’s the nature of things and that’s why so many hatch each year. But, it’s not that way at all – these ones were different, as are mine. They were *your* goslings and very precious, indeed.

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