Prince was a beautiful sorrel horse, with a fantastic  light coloured mane and tail…another one of the beautiful   work horses.


Al took a look at him one morning and saw that there was a big lump on his right shoulder… a fistula…. and it would have to be taken care of right away.


Al came in the kitchen and noticed no one had had their breakfast yet, including me and him.


“Come on Norma, you can give me a hand holding on to Prince while I cut into that fistula to drain it.”Prince

Al had everything set up… Prince was tied to the fence, but he wanted Prince to have someone controlling his head. That was me!


Ready? Set! Stick the knife in…Even the smell was overpowering as the ‘gook’ squirted out, and the ground came up and hit me. Al had to leave me laying there as his hand was all tied up looking after Prince. I came to after a bit, no worse for wear,  and Prince was feeling quite a bit better. I had to take a lot of teasing for the help I gave Al!


3 thoughts on “PRINCE 2

  1. I hope your sacrifice was noted by the horse 🙂 Sometimes we just have to do what has to be done regardless of the consequences .

  2. That Al asked you to be the one holding Prince’s head says a lot about how much he trusted your ability. But what an experience for you! Yuck!

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