My blog gets you to a lot of situations and places because I wander…but thats how my mind goes, so I have to follow! So here we go awandering!


We moved to Langley when there was still ten days left of Grade ten, and I had to go. Didn’t do much, but did meet some of the other kids.


When School started next session I was voted class President. We had a rather odd principal… his name was Manzer… Doing genealogy in later years I’m pretty sure there was a relation between him and me. The daughter of William White, (Susan) the Loyalist, married Bernard Manzer’s,( Loyalist) son, Henry. I never followed it through, but the possibility is there. We would have had the same great great grandparents!


Mr.Manzer decided he would call all of the girls by their  last name as he had enough to remember learning them. Except for me, class president, he called ‘Norma.”!

He taught Math, and would have things on the board to get the class started if he was a bit late getting there and I would have students up at the board working on them when he came. He was a good teacher.


We had another great teacher..Donny Rodgers…He drilled the lessons into us during classes so that we hardly had to do any studying.


And then there was Mr. Leonard, the music teacher. He decided that we would put on an operetta, and bought one…”The Wishing Well”. In later years he wrote the operetta! They were going to have auditions to see who would play the parts.

2004:06 :19 Roses16

Three of us gals had nothing to do, so decided to try out just for fun! Two of us got roles. I was picked for the leading lady, Mary. We had to sing “Brahms Lullaby”.


This was part of one of the songs….


Mary,  my own, McCushla,

My Irish colleen fair,

Cheeks with the tint of roses,

Mary, with auburn hair… that’s all I can remember!


We even made our own costumes!


The day came when we were to perform the operetta. In the theatre in ‘down town’ Langley in the afternoon for the whole school, and another performance in the evening for parents and friends.


And.. we were presented with roses at the end!!!

How’s that for exciting!!!


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