I’ve wandered all over the place  on my blog… maybe I should go back a bit . I started school at Maple Grove Elementary when we lived on Angus Drive. I went there until we went to the Cariboo, where I missed  a couple of grades. I was getting lessons for two years from Victoria, but Mom and my siblings were doing the work and having me copy it.


When we moved back to Vancouver I went back to Maple Grove! Although I had missed two years, I was promoted for one, so was only one year behind. I had missed ‘long division’ ….but we had a school teacher living next door to us, so she tutored me until I had figured out how to do it!


From there it was to Point Grey Junior High where we took cooking and sewing. I made a dress from “Pussy Willow” silk? I doubt that it was silk, but that’s what my memory says!!! Anyway, it got to be  on display in the show cases in the front hall.


We lived about a mile from Point Grey, and I walked, even went home for lunch! If it was raining I ‘took the interurban’. If I hurried too much at that time I would get a nose bleed!


Someone told mom to feed me Jello… even drink it before it ‘set’, and that worked! I stopped having the nose bleeds.


I took part in the games at Point Grey…even grass hockey…but I was not a good runner…and I disliked ‘tumbling’, really disliked it!


I joined the “Pen and Ink Club”…the only girl in it!   I have always wanted to be an artist….. maybe some day I’ll get there!…Miss Faunt, the art teacher , was the one that told me I should go to art school. I never did get there!



3 thoughts on “Schools

  1. Very interesting about the nose bleeds and jello! 🙂
    Norma, I think your art teacher would be very proud of you!
    Hugs, Heather

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