backtracking 2

Back Tracking 2


I was working in the bank in Langley and had holiday time, so went to the Cariboo to visit with my sister and her husband.


When it was time to go home, Al had to go for a visit at the hospital in Williams Lake. He dropped me off ‘down town’ and headed for his appointment.


I knew no one, and had most of the day to wait for the evening train that would take me back to the coast. I bought a book, and was sitting on a rock with my book when two soldiers came by. One of them said “Is that all you’ve got to do?”


My reply was “ What else is there to do in this town?”


He said “ You can come and watch us fishing’.


So… I watched the two of them fish, (they sold their catch to the restaurant). Afterwards, one of them took me for super.


He didn’t have a lot of money, so said he wasn’t  hungry and just had a coffee. I figured he didn’t have a lot of money, just like me… so I ordered a hamburger… Then he kicked himself for not ordering something. He was afraid I might order something expensive.

Harry and I spent the afternoon together until he saw me off on the train. He got my phone number but I never heard from him for four years.


He was getting his discharge and was talking to one of the other guys who happened to be from Langley.


“I met a girl from Langley, but I can’t remember her name, she worked in the bank”, said Harry!


The other fellow said he knew all the girls in the bank and as he named them off Harry recognized ‘Norma’. He traced me from Langley to Vancouver office, and finally got in touch the night before he, his dad and two brothers were leaving on a hunting trip!


A couple of years later, Harry (Mickey) McGuire, and I were married. December 8, 1947. He died one week short of our fifty seventh wedding anniversary.

1947:12:08 Harry Norma Wedding 3

We were married at the Court House and went out for lunch with my brother. Later that evening we had some friends in to his parents place…had sandwiches that I made… and a wedding cake that my Mom made.  I went back to get the rest of my cake so I could give pieces to friends and relatives that weren’t there…They thought it was a pretty good fruit cake, so ate it!!!  Not too cool!


To be continued!


6 thoughts on “backtracking 2

  1. Well besides my husband of 41 years I can say without a word of a doubt you married the kindest man on this earth . I loved him and still miss him and my favorite wedding picture is of my Uncle Buddy and me .Thank you for continuing the blog Auntie Norma
    Love you

  2. Some things are just meant to be. I love the story of your wedding. Things were much simpler back in the day. I look now at the TV programs where brides are spending a small fortune on a dress that will be worn once and shake my head. Where has society gone that we have things so up-side-down?

    Thank you for continuing to write. I love your stories.

  3. I’m glad you decided to share this. It’s a wonderful story and I’m sure it brings tender memories of those 57 years every time you think back to your beginnings together. Sending a cyber-hug and much love….

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