Well I Did!

Well, I did!


Reading the blog of my niece, http://careann.wordpress.com  I came across the question she posed…

Do you own a piano or another musical instrument? If it could talk, what story would it tell of its time in your household?


My brother gave me a 24 bass piano accordion when I turned sixteen! He bought it ‘on time’ and later my dad had to make the final payments on it.


I had never had any lessons, so from a book that came with it, I had to learn how to play it on my own. After a while I could play quite a few songs, one finger melody.


Changing subjects?…No. Saturday nights at the community hall at Otter (part of Langley)they had a whist Drive from eight ‘til ten, then a dance from ten until midnight. They had a drummer and an accordionist for the band. They were very happy with the band…but the accordion player was moving out of the area. Now what could they do?


One of the ladies responsible for these gatherings was our next-door neighbour…. She came and asked me to take his place!!! O.K. I was a bit nervous…quite a bit! I soon discovered that as long as I kept the beat, no one cared what note I played, even if it was not the right one.


And I got paid for playing. I played for two hours and was paid two dollars! Great! One weekend we played there on Saturday, but had played Friday night at a banquet in Murrayville for three hours… yep!  Three dollars.. and we got to eat as well! I made five dollars that weekend.


So, as I tell my sons… I was the first person in this family to play in a band, but I didn’t get paid like Trooper does now.


I played that little accordion for quite a few years, at sing-a-longs. Eventually same brother brought me a 120 bass. Dad didn’t have to pay for this one.


After many years, it was too heavy for my shoulders, so I gave both of them to Gary, and got an organ…then when I moved here It became a keyboard to save space.


I hope it had as much fun as I did!


5 thoughts on “Well I Did!

  1. heheh Music runs in your family – always a great treasure to pass along. Writing, artistry and music – you’re well rounded!

  2. oh my , I tried to play the squeeze box Nana had and only managed to scare the crows away , then in grade 3 we got recorders and I taught myself how to play The Little Drummer Boy and then my teacher had me teach the class 🙂 I felt pretty darned special I can tell you that ! My 8 year old Grandson is learning how to play electric guitar. My 14 year old Grandson plays the keyboard but its on a computer not a musical instrument 🙂
    Love you

  3. You (and your family) have a great many talents! I have many ‘loves’ but not a whole lot of talent for any of them. However, there is much joy gleaned from artistic pursuits, and we’ve encouraged our children and grandchildren to explore them, too. There can never be too much music, art, or poetry in this world of ours! 🙂

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