When We Were Married.

When We Were Married.


When we were married, we lived in one room at the hotel where Mickey had been living. Then finally we got

the front room ( and front porch) of a house on 21st, near Knight Road and Kingsway.


Famous last words… “My wife isn’t going to work!” I would have gone completely crazy in one room! It had a stove, and a bed. Water was down the hall in the bathroom.  There were six people living on that floor. One more upstairs.


I got a job with United Cigar Stores… their training place was at Hastings and Carroll, about the worst section of ‘town’….and I would have to go across the street to relieve the person there for lunch, and would be alone in the store. I stuck it out for about six weeks before I said “No Thank you.”


We decided to take a little holiday across into the States before I went looking for another job. At that time you had to get a “Form H” and American money from the bank.


The bank was really busy at the front where you got these papers. Even the manager was out there going as fast as he could. I told him I could fill our forms out for him, that I had worked in a bank.

”You can fill them out? Come and see me when you get back”.


So,  that’s what I did, and I was hired and put to work as the head teller.


That worked out very well as I lived about a block and a half from the bank. As the closest person , I also got the job of inspecting the premises  on long weekends… anytime the bank was closed more than two days.


My holiday time came up, so we were going to go to Seattle, but first  had to take my canary out to Langley to my Mom and Dad’s for them to look after.


Before we got there, we met a guy that Mickey knew so he got in the car with us… me in the middle, front seat

of an Austin touring.  Car in front stopped without signaling. Mickey slammed on the brakes…. brake band broke, our car flew through the air  and landed upside down on top of me!


Broken collar bone, broken shoulder blade, and six ribs with twelve breaks in them.! They put a big needle in from the side to collapse my lung so it would not get punctured by a broken rib. I weighed ninety pounds, just skin stretched over bones. If I started to laugh I ended up crying!


I was not expected to live.1949:05 Norma, after accident, no clothes on top


I talked the doctor into letting me out of the hospital to go and stay at my mom and dad’s, and he came there to visit me. As long as someone helped me to get up I could manage on my own.


I was off work for three months.. and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce gave me full pay! We had had the car checked out before we left…and never got a bill from the garage!


7 thoughts on “When We Were Married.

  1. You were one lucky lady. I agree with Judith you are a very unique and special person

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