What’s Next?

What’s next?

I went back to work at the bank until I realized that I was pregnant. The bank didn’t want me to leave, so said they would take me off being the teller, but in the meantime, they would carry my box of money for me. I was seven months pregnant before I left, and I was still the head teller!

I rented a sewing machine, and with it sitting on the ironing board, I made diapers and baby clothes. Sure nothing like today! We had a crib, stroller, and a pram. But you know, we managed quite well!

The next place we moved to out in Surrey had a well, and no washing machine, so water was drawn from the well, heated on the wood and coal stove and then clothes were scrubbed on a scrubbing board, and hung out to dry.

We moved back to Vancouver, and with the third son’s birth we got a washing machine and a fridge! This was ‘back in the day’ when you washed diapers!Unknown

We had our name in for one of the Veteran’s homes.To be eligible for one ..if your children were ‘one of a kind’ you had to have three. If a boy and a girl, only two made you eligible. Can you imagine all the kids that lived in “Fraserview”, and area of Vancouver?

We finally got a call that a home was available for us. We picked up the key and went to see what it was like! WOW! Like a castle for us. Brand new! Three bedrooms, kItchen, dinette, living room and bathroom, and a full basement. Wood and coal furnace. We moved as fast as we could to Muirfield Drive, and lived there for thirty-five years!


7 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Expectations were certainly different “back in the day”, weren’t they? Thank you for sharing. We did nicely with diapers we had to wash. My kids had a crib – handed down from one to the next – and a stroller and a high chair and a diaper pail. Changed diapers in the crib or on mom and dad’s bed – or the sofa – or wherever. Who knew about “changing tables”?

  2. That Muirfield Drive house was perfectly timed for you and your family, just as the Langley one was just right for the two of you in later years. ‘Home is where you hang your hat’ may be a cliche, but I sincerely believe home is wherever your heart is content. I can remember living in three rooms in the back of a church one summer (in a very small Saskatchewan town), with outhouse in the back yard, hauling water in the trunk of the car from the town’s well, and heating it on the stove like you, to wash diapers. We’ve moved many times since then, sometimes into houses we chose, other times into something predetermined by the job. Now everything is automatic. No more hauling or hand scrubbing… certainly easier, but maybe not always the best results.

  3. if my childhood memory serves me correctly your phone number was Fairfax 57990 and then 325-7990 and your address 7750 Muirfield Drive ? If I`m wrong forgive me I was just a kid haha 🙂 I still remember Nana and Dadads phone number too . all these lovely memories flowing back because of your posts. Thanks for sharing and taking me back with you .
    Love you

  4. Love reading about your memories, Norma. 🙂 I can only imagine how wonderful that new house must have been! Your writing is jogging my own memories of places I’ve lived, of wringer washers and clothes lines. 🙂

  5. Hi Norma, did you know that the government nickname for Fraserview was diaperville, because of all the young children that lived there. I have some great memories of the bondfires and sing a longs and just playing in the bush behind our houses, life was so much more fun for kids then

  6. Yes and you were a great neighbour. Like Lynda I remember the bonfires and all the fun we had in the bush behind us. Remember the two big rocks that were just across the alley from our place – they were the stagecoach and horse. Lots of great memories from Muirfield Dr. I also remember babysitting the boys a couple of times. I think I told you I still have the painting that you both gave to Mac and I when we got married. Keep up the blogs as they sure bring back some great memories.

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