In Person

In Person.

In my last post I mentioned that we started selling our paintings…..what I didn’t tell you… at first it was just my husbands’ paintings and I would take them to shows. He would not go near them….until one show at one of the malls (Brentwood) where he had to paint there in order to have a chance to sell. He won one of the prizes!

The manager at Guildford encouraged me to put my paintings out as well!I I entered the contest held at Lougheed Mall, where three prizes were offered. They added a new category and gave me a prize for my ink sketch of an old building at Prior and Dunlevy. Since the time of the sketch that home has been renovated.

Stanley Park would not allow any “agents” so that meant I could not represent my husbands paintings… he had to be there.

We had a van that my husband and Danny camperized. We would go to the park early so we could get the spot we wanted, and set up some of the easels. Then make coffee, and sometimes , breakfast in the van. I also made lunch in there. I could have made a lot of money if I was selling coffee and food! The ‘aroma’ traveled out to the other artists.

One day at Stanley Park a man approached me. He liked my sketches of old buildings. He invited us to show our paintings in HIS malls… at Williams Lake and Quesnel any time we wanted to go there! Just tell the manager that he had invited us! Great deal.

My sister lived in Quesnel, so we stayed with her for the week while we had a painting display in the mall.

From there we headed back to Williams Lake. The first time we were there, we rented a cabin, and it was so noisy that we couldn’t get any sleep. So, this time we were going to stay in the van.1979:07:00  Abbotsford Air show6

The big question now was where to park? We looked around by the Stampede grounds, but it was too isolated to be there alone in the dark! Finally, we went to the police station. We  told them we were going to have a painting display in Boitanao Mall, and asked them where the best place was for us. They told us to park in their parking lot!!!

We had a great camping site! Close to the Mall, Police protection, and them waving to us as they drove by. I cooked supper in the van, and we ate in the open air!  Before we left I took a box of chocolates in to them to thank them for looking after us!

Did I tell you that my husband and I met in Williams Lake?  But that’s another story!


5 thoughts on “In Person

  1. My trips to Guildford were always joy for me when I would find you and Uncle Buddy set up with your paintings and drawings 🙂

  2. And I can hardly wait for the other story. Loved this one. Thank you for sharing. Isn’t it funny how things we thought were inconveniences work out to push us to a newer level?

  3. I remember coming to visit you in Stanley Park when we first got to Vancouver before going to your home. It was always a great time looking for that van and finding you in the park. I think my Mom still has our pencil drawings of us when we were kids that Uncle Mickey did.

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