Time Line!

Time Line.

There is no such thing as a time line in my ramblings! If anyone is trying to figure it out I don’t think they can do it!My ‘head’ doesn’t care about “time”… when it happened… just that it did happen.

Where our house was situated on Muirfield Drive was on a crescent. We were the fourth house down from the main part of the Drive. When we moved there it was all bush across the street from the main part of the drive.

The Minister of the Church phoned me to see if I knew of any molestations that had happened in the bush. I phoned the police and said I knew they wouldn’t release any of that information to me, but would they release it to the people that were responsible for clearing the bush if there was proof. It was cleared out, and the school and a park replaced the bush.1954:07 Gary, wagon

By the time Ra was ready to go to school, the bush had been cleared and a school built. It was  David Oppenheimer, an elementary school, going from Grade one to grade six.  Our boys came home for lunch every day.

Here I go a…wandering again!…. From the time we were married any cooking I had done was on a wood and coal stove…..Muirfield was different. We bought an electric Range. I loved it!  I loved baking!

Before moving there we had lived in a basement suite. This was about 1955. Gary was three.  There was a wood stove. We bought ‘dry’ wood that wasn’t. Had to have wood in the oven to dry it out enough so that it would burn!

Oh yes… that basement suite… One night we were both sound asleep and were awakened with a start as the bed went through the floor.

If you had kids, landlords disliked you immediately… and three kids made it hard to find another place to live! But we did find one.

We moved there on Ra’s Birthday…I don’t remember which one..either four or five….and had the party the following weekend. The night before as I was working in the kitchen getting things ready, I heard someone out in the lane trying to start our car… called my husband and he got out there in time to chase them off!1954:05 Ramon, front steps

I did my mom and dad’s wash for them every week…also     ironing and mending. The washing machine had to hook up to the kitchen sink…didn’t leave much space! And with two extra people there it made the suite look even smaller than it was.

It was a wash day for Mom and Dad. and Central Mortgage and Housing  (CMHC) came to check out our application for one of the veterans homes. They wanted to be sure we really needed one! Boy, did we need one…We qualified for a home ..and were given a key to take a look at it. Brand new,,,It looked like a castle to me!

We packed up what little we had and moved in as fast as we could.

1955:08 Gary, smell the flowersThe boys grew up there. Maybe we did, too! We lived there for thirty five years.


3 thoughts on “Time Line!

  1. Some of our young people today would be amazed at the conditions in which many of us grew up. Now if the apartment doesn’t have automatic laundry facilities and a built-in dishwasher, it’s considered sub-standard.

  2. I can only imagine the wonderment you must have experienced as a whole family, moving into that new house – what an event! 🙂

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