Polishing Floors

Polishing Floors.

When we moved to Muirfield, we did not have a floor polisher that I could handle conveniently. We did have what was called a floor polisher that weighed about forty pounds, and you had to push and pull that thing over the floor intill it started to get shinney. Me, having had my shoulder blade broken twice, was not a good candidate for running one of those.

I was bound and determined that I would get an electric polisher if I ever found them on sale. I watched every newspaper, and finally… there was a sale of floor polishers.Unknown

I was up really early and took the streetcar down town, and was at the door of the store before they opened. In fact, I was first in line….. and when the door was opened I was the first one in the store… and I headed for the department that had electric floor pollishers advertised.

lI didn’t see any. Hunted up a clerk and asked him where were the advertised polishers?

“ Oh , too bad,.. they are all sold out. We just sold the last one.”

I replied by telling him that that was not possible…I was the first one in the store.. I’d like to see the manager., please.

After a few minutes of getting no where with the manager, I suggested that it was a case of false advertising, and I would report it.

Funny thing, all of a sudden they had one of the polishers at the advertised price, and I was happy to carry it home on the street car…and happier when I had to polish floors. No more forty pounder!!.


4 thoughts on “Polishing Floors

  1. Isn’t it interesting how, when you call someone on a falsehood, the facts suddenly change? Good for you.

    When we moved into the house we presently occupy, we had ten rooms and a stairway of hardwood floors. My mother-in-law and I cleaned them with Imperial cleaner and waxed them with Johnson’s paste was on our hands and knees. I had the world’s best mother-in-law. She was a jewel. When she first saw the house, she exclaimed “well, this one is a real wife killer.” And then she pitched in to help with all the work. Loved that woman.

  2. Good morning, Norma 🙂 When you described the first floor polisher, I thought you *were* describing the one we had – until you mentioned the updated electric one. heheh I thought our electric one weighed forty pounds! Wow – do I remember that old electric one we had; really heavy and a dark bluish green. 🙂 Worked like magic though.
    Funny how things never do change with stores, though!

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