A New Place.

A New Place

The house on Muirfield Drive was brand new.

They had planted lawn in the front, the sides and ten feet behind the house…the rest was up to us. It was some time before we could spend any money on gardening.

We had to get a clothesline, (no dryer) garbage cans, watering hose, watering can and all the various things that you need when you own the place! Even a broom and a mop!

When we first moved there, we were only allowed to rent…later the houses were put up for sale. Ours was eleven thousand, five hundred, but if you stayed five years they changed it to ten thousand, five hundred. The down payment was five hundred dollars. We cashed in some pop bottles  to keep us going until payday, which was once a week.

You are not going to believe this, but it is TRUE.

Our mortgage payment was thirty nine dollars a month! Don’t forget that with the wages we got, this was hard to come by at times.

I remember the day we had paid it all and got the final papers! I also remember the day we sold it in one day (for more than we were asking as there were two bidding against each other.) We paid cash for the house we bought in Langley. NO Mortgage.

Here we go…mind jumping again!We never bought anything on time if we could help it. I would not buy a freezer until we could pay for it…. then kicked myself for not getting it “on time.” It saved us a lot of money… but I didn’t know that would happen.

We bought a side of beef at a time, then watched for sales for the other kinds of meat, and bought in small quantities…what ever we could afford. Eventually, the cost of a side of beef was outrages, so we  just bought beef when it was on sale as well.

My husband disliked sandwiches in his lunch at work…. I made beef meat pies, and sausage rolls. I could freeze them for his lunches. They had a pot bellied stove at work that he could heat them on.images

I did a lot of baking. I loved it!  I had a sour dough starter and had to keep using it and feeding it. I have a lot of sour dough recipes… all of which my sons enjoyed. They were teen agers and had hollow legs…took a lot of food to fill them up! I think cinnamon rolls were about their favourite… or pancakes… or sour dough chocolate cake!

I think the Sour Dough Bread was one of their favourites. I made four loaves at a time, and as soon as they were out of the oven, one loaf was devoured!

Eventually I had to give up on home made bread every day. I couldn’t bake it fast enough to keep up with all of us. They didn’t have those ‘bread machines’ back then….I was it.


4 thoughts on “A New Place.

  1. I used to love kneading bread dough. One could vent a lot of anger and frustration into the bread. And the yeasty aroma of fresh bread in the oven is unmatchable. Thank you for sharing, Norma.

  2. My mom had your sour dough starter recipe, I remember her making the pancakes, they were so good. I will have to get the recipe from her again and start it up. Thanks for the memories Aunty Norma.

  3. Mmmmmm I remember the smell of fresh baked bread in the mornings when we were kids . It didnt last long in our house with 7 kids I can tell you that 🙂 Most of my memories of Mom are of her in the kitchen . Sometimes she would bake them in regular bread pans and other times she would bake them in large round cans. The kids at school were always amazed with my round sandwiches 🙂

  4. I love your meanderings – it’s like being a leaf riding on the surface of streams. Such an enjoyable journey!

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