Hotel Vancouver.

Hotel Vancouver

Hotel Vancouver called us…they wanted some sign work..banners for the Grey Cup (I think!) Anyway, they wanted to be sure he could paint portraits that would look like who they were supposed to be… so… we took some of his paintings down to show them.

At this time they were renovating the dining room, and while that was going on, they set up for meals on the main floor. There was an area that you had to pass through from the lobby to the dining area…The manager asked us if we would put a painting display in there. One condition… we had to raise the prices! Sales would be allowed, no commission. I doubled the prices, and Mickey kept saying ”they’l never sell.”

Mickey set up a great display. These were his black velvet paintings, so he had lights spotting them. Every night at five o’clock I put dinner on the table at home and headed for the hotel….and sat with the paintings until eleven…. Anyone that wanted to buy, just had to come to me!

1954-05 PNE Float,I sold three or four paintings that first night… when I went home , as I showed the money to my husband, I kept saying “They won’t sell, eh!”

We had that spot for three months, then a friend of the managers wanted it, so we were out. We were there long enough. I wanted some time at home with my family!

I got to know security really well… they kept an eye on the display during the day for me.

One day this woman started coming to visit me while I was there…and actually phoned the hotel to talk to me. That I put a stop to right away. She would  go in and look at the paintings for a while and then take off. She would maybe come back later.  I finally smartened up… she was using our painting display as a good spot to pick up guys, and would go to their room with them! I didn’t need that reputation to get mixed up with the paintings, or me!

I talked to security. They followed her right to the guy’s room and put a stop to it. Then he came down and with her standing there he bawled heck out of me for allowing that kind of behaviour..  Later he came and appologized  (spelling?) to me, he did it so she wouldn’t know that I had “fingered” her!

My husband had said he didn’t want  to do any more portraits. He had been charging fifty Dollars. Most of the portraits were of people who had died…and it became very depressing.  O.K At the hotel a man wanted a portrait of his daughter who had become  Nun. In the photo of her that he had, she was dressed in the Nun’s habit.

i told him that my husband really didn’t want to do portraits any more…… but he kept insisting.  Finally I said “ all right… but it will have to be one hundred and fifty dollars.’

“That’s just fine !” I wish you could have seen that portrait…it was like there was a light shining out of her face. It was beautiful, and the father was well pleased.


Another man asked me if I had a catalogue. I said “No, these are one of a kind paintings and a catalogue wouldn’t be much use.”

“That’s what I wanted to know, he said.” Over a period of time, he ordered a clown painting for each of their offices across Canada…Theatres International. They supplied the candy for the theatres.


3 thoughts on “Hotel Vancouver.

  1. I just love reading your stories. I is great that you have such a great recall of all of these details. I still have the Hawaiian girl you both gave to Mac and I when we got married.

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