Sign Shop 2

Sign Shop 2

One time we were really busy with signs. Mickey was lettering shocards for a butcher shop… you know……..T bone steaks 39 cents lb.. etc. , and we got another job that required eight sheets of 4×8 plywood painted two coats in preparation, so we hired a guy to do them.

The first day he finally got one coat on the eight sheets, but every time he had to move one, he would stop Mickey to come and help him move the plywood…he was also very slow at what he was doing. He was being paid by the hour, and I did not like the way he was stalling. He took about twenty minutes to paint one sheet He was to come the next day for the second coat.

Before we went to bed I talked Mickey into getting the paint ready for the next day so the hired help could get an early start.

We went to bed at our usual time, and I waited, and waited… until Mickey went to sleep. Then I got up , dressed and headed for the basement. I painted one sheet in ten minutes, and moved the plywood without help…finished all eight sheets, cleaned up and went back to bed.

In the morning I had Mickey phone and tell the guy that he wasn’t needed! I was not only the ‘gofer’, but the plywood painter as well! I even went for the plywood, and the guys at the lumberyard would tie stuff on the roof of the car for me.

When we did Christmas windows, we both wore white coveralls. While Mickey was drawing the design on the window, I was painting a snow scene all across the front of the store window. I would go to the back of the store and get a can of water to wash brushes as we went. We had fun doing the windows, even though we were working quite hard to minimize the time we took in each store.. We did not want to cause any problems, getting in the way.

The boys were in school while we were doing windows, but if we weren’t home when school was out, they went to a neighbours until we did arrive. (Hi Bev and Linda!)silkscreen

I nearly forgot…another one of my jobs…runner for silkscreening…Take the newly created ‘thing’, and lay them out, one at a time, on the basement floor to dry…but if the job was bigger than that, at one point we had to take those now dry signs out to the back yard and lay them out there…then start over again in the basement.

One thing I refused to do…learn how to clean a silk screen! It was a very messy job. I think Danny got that job quite often.

And… I was still the main cook and bottle washer, although the boys had to help with the dishes.


4 thoughts on “Sign Shop 2

  1. A wonderful story, Norma – very interesting. I love the way you just jumped in there and got those plywood sheets done. I can just imagine Mickey’s face to see that!

  2. I loved the store windows and also when you did your front room window at Christmas time. You sure do bring back memories for me when you talk about Muirfield Drive. I fondly remember the big rocks that were out back of our places across the alley (at least they seemed big when we were little) they were the stage coach and the horse. Again thanks for all the fond memories

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