I had over 150 words typed, and hit the wrong button, so here I am, starting over again. Rather frustrating.

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) is now on, and will wind down in time for the start of another year of school at the end of the month. Trooper will be playing there on the 22nd.

It’s August! I’m sure you know that…but can you guess what I’ve been doing the past few days…including today?  Making Christmas cards! I have a nice order for some, and wanted to get them done while I feel pretty good…..they are done. Just need to get more envelopes for them…I’ve run out.

It is still very warm here….not complaining,,,,just acknowledging the fact.  I think my favourite time of the year is in the fall. Cooler, but not cold!

While I was watching TV I had a flash back…so come on along and read about it.tire

You have probably figured out that there wasn’t an abundance of money around in those days. True… but we never went hungry…always enough for good meals.

One summer we wanted to go to the Cariboo to visit my sister and brother-in-law, but our tires were not that great.

I phoned Firestone tires, asked for the manager, and said “This is your crazy call of the day”. Well, he didn’t think it was so crazy.

I offered to trade him paintings for tires! Two tires, two paintings! They had their choice. He thought it was a great idea, so we got new tires to go on our holiday! After that, we would get calls from them…”did we need tires?”…someone else wanted to trade for paintings. We didn’t have to ‘buy’ tires for a few years.

When the boys were fairly small we used to go for long walks,,,with Gary in his stroller.This one day a police car pulled up beside us and ordered us to get in…and he drove us home..He parked in front of our house and kind of herded us in so that the neighbours that were watching wondered what we had done.

The policeman came in and had coffee with us… he was my cousin! The boys got quite a thrill riding in the police car, and it was even better when they could talk Harry into a blurb of the siren. It was Harry’s route, so we saw him often when we were out walking, and he liked my coffee.

We walked to the grocery store…saved fifteen cents each way! Thirty cents sure doesn’t sound like very much these days, but back then it helped quite a lot. For thirty – nine cents you could get four tomatoes in a tube.

I wonder what part of  tomato thirty-nine cents would buy now!


4 thoughts on “August!

  1. I had the pleasure of spending the day of the 22nd of August with Tyler and Leah at the PNE. We met up with Gary and Megan and Tom and enjoyed our seats Ra reserved for us for the TROOPER concert 🙂 One of the best days I have had in a long time !

  2. I should have gone on the 22nd. It was my birthday. 🙂 Loved your story, Norma. Weather is starting to cool off a bit now – so get ready for your favourite time of year! 🙂

  3. You’re such a resourceful person! Bartering for new tires was a great idea. I’m glad to hear you finished up that Christmas cards order in such good time, too. You’re so well organized I almost expected to read that you also had all of your own cards done and addressed! Ha!! 😉

    We’re enjoying our time in Cranbrook… were celebrating our Heather’s birthday here on the 22nd so of course missed out on the PNE concert again.

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