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Back In Time

Back In Time

Memories! Little things spark some of my memories. Like having my shower this morning… it took me back to eighty years ago!

This morning, I stepped into the shower, sat on the stool, and turned on the tap…. Oh, Oh,…that’s not true! I have help with my showers, so all I have to do is step in and sit on the stool! I’m allowed two showers a week!

Back then… someone went to the well, drew two buckets of water and proceeded to carry them up the hill to the house. The well was by the barn, which made it easier to water the horses and milk cows.

We had half a water tank attached at the back of the wood stove. When the cold water was poured in, it was like guns going off for a few minutes! While the water was heating, a wash tub was brought in and a sheet was hung across for privacy, and that’s where you had a bath. No showers! And you only had a bath once a week!

Where did the week go? It was shower day again this morning, so I know I started this a week ago! That’s about all I know!

I did do some work on those little cards…each one done individually by hand… and painted some of them…I did some of the drawing, as well… so that’s where part of the week went.

Another part went waiting for an elevator with room for me.  One of our two elevators is out of order. The person that came to fix it on Friday found that he needed a part…but the office was already closed, so we have to wait until they open after the weekend to see if they have it ‘in stock’, or if they have to order it from somewhere!

In the meantime, it is quite the scramble to go down or back up, for meals. When the ‘first sitting’ is heading for home, others are going down for the second sitting. A lot of people!…about eighty!

Another week has gone by, so I had better post this and see if I can come up with something to write about!

Sorry, no pictures!


And More Changes!

And More Changes!

For the last while I’ve been having problems with my oxygen. It’s complicated, but finally, as of this morning, it got “fixed”.

It goes like this. The cylinders were not filling properly part of the time. My setting is 3.5, and they turned it back to 3 so that the machine would work properly…but I didn’t! This has been going on for a couple of weeks or more. We had to supply a paper trail to prove what my setting was supposed to be.

Okay? Once we got the paper trail (via computer email and fax machines,) they brought me a different machine that would handle the higher number.. Clear? Maybe not? All I really know is that it makes a big difference in how I feel with my oxygen setting at the right level for my breathing.

Here I go again… wandering all over the place.Danielle, Louise, Quinn, Norma and Elsie

I have a niece who lives in Quesnel, B.C. About five hundred miles or so from Vancouver… in the Cariboo. We hadn’t seen each other for a few years, although we’ve kept in touch by phone or emails.

I got a call to let me know that she and three of her family were coming down and would come for a visit. I thought there might be some illness requiring a doctors appointment…but no, they came to visit me!

The first visit included Ra and Debbie, my son and daughter in law and was very special… Five generations were here! Of course I’m the oldest, then my niece, Elsie, her daughter, Louise, Louise’ daughter, Danielle, and Danielle’s daughter, Quinn…a sweet little miss who is four years old.

They stayed in a hotel down by the beach, and the second day just my niece and her daughter came, while mom and the little one got to play on the beach. And the third day, they all came in the morning, and left for Vancouver at noon, and flew home the next day.

I love them dearly, and this visit proved just how important family is.  Hard to hold back tears when you think that we might never see each other again. I feel so blessed that they came to see me this time.

As my son keeps telling me “You’re a lucky girl”!

Yes, I am!



It has been a rather hectic time around here lately… it seems that everything keeps changing.

As you probably remember, I live in an assisted living place. The care aides are provided by an outside company.  For whatever the reason management decided to change the company that supplies our ‘girls’.

The change-over was supposed to be almost unnoticable…..not so!

Schedules have changed…jobs that were done by one group are no longer part of their day. Special cleaning gals now come… what was part of the  cleaning program before is now not the cleaners job…” Care aides will have to do that!”

New employees have to learn what to do with my oxygen….and I have  to learn to be patient with their learning experience! (Boy, that’s a lot of learning in that sentence!)

I have an extractor (?) and then the cylinders are filled from that. The portable cylinders have to be filled again after my trips down for meals, or activities. New employees don’t know what to do with it, so more confusion….if the cylinder is not set in properly, the oxygen won’t fill. By the way, I’m on oxygen 24/7.

About a  month ago our chef that had been here for two years, gave her notice and went to a better job. She was hired for one job, but they kept adding more and more  work from the connected buildings.

They have hired a new, five star chef… and there are lots of changes going on in that area as well…for the good!

Care aides have to wear aprons and hair nets while serving our food. Hot food is being served hot in most cases…. and the chef is on the scene at all meals, except for her two days off…Sunday and Monday.

Like Trooper’s  Raise a Little Hell says “If  you don’t like what you’ve got why don’t you change it?” I’m trying!

My in home oxygen was set at 3.5… now someone has changed is to 3 and I am having more trouble with my breathing.

I will get it changed back, just have to wait for the lady that put me on the 3.5 to  get back to work, on Monday so she can prove that’s what I was on!

I realize that this is a very boring post…and…no pictures, either! Sorry in both cases.



It’s already September, 2014!

Time to get back to some sort of a routine.I love September…usually still beautiful weather, but minus the heat!

Most years, it means that kids go back to school… not this year in British Columbia.. Teachers strike.

I remember the first day of school for each of my three boys. Gary was so proud that he could now go with his two brothers!  And even more so when he could come home at lunch time and tell us “I got A in spelling!”1958-09-00 - Gary's going to school!

While the three of them were at school, we had gone out and bought a tape recorder, with only one tape. We hooked it up under the table and didn’t tell them it was there, and turned on all through lunch. When they had finished eating we played it back for them. Pretty funny!

I would like to have saved that first tape, but we only had the one, so it got used over and over. Ra used it to record his puppet shows, then all he had to do was operate the hand puppets when the show was on!!

We recorded one of our sing-a-long sessions…and my husband said he would never sing again after hearing himself on that tape! Instead, he would play the mouth organ…blues harp. He was really good at that.

Here I go off in another direction….want to follow?

You know, sometimes when you sit down to write the words just seem to flow through your fingers…. other times…nothing. Tonight is one of the ‘nothing’ times. So, I might as well go and do something else for this evening…might even watch some TV.

Another day….maybe it will get in the mood today.

One  of my friends at our assisted living place is a pretty good card customer of mine….she is always asking me if I could do smaller cards to minimize the postage on cards being mailed to Europe or Britain. And I have told her, each time, that I don’t do smaller cards.

Well, things have changed a bit.

There’s a table in the craft room down stairs… anything you don’t want, leave it and anyone that comes along can have it .

The other day there were two packets of different sized card stock, and envelopes…Guess who got them?I’m doing the smaller cards, but have to do each one by hand. Not putting them in the  computer, or I would have to set up a whole new system!

Doing these smaller cards by hand triggered a long lost memory! I remember when I was sixteen, seventeen doing cards by hand and I sold them for ten cents a piece or a dollar a dozen!…That’s how bad the money situation was back at that time.


1958:08:24 career, PNE Gate designed and built by HArryPNE.

I mentioned that the PNE was on now. (Pacific National Exhibition)

That was a very busy time for us as we built some of the booths. One customer wanted a ceiling put in their booth. I got a bright idea that we could use pea vine , tacked all around the sides and gathered to the middle.

We went back out after supper, and took the boys with us.

They got pretty tired while we were trying to get the ceiling in there… so we drew up some chairs, covered them with newspaper and they went to sleep….while we struggled on. It wouldn’t drape like we  thought it should, so had to take it all down and come up with a better idea. I don’t remember what the better idea was.

Another customer was a furniture store. (Not the one that wouldn’t pay us!) We got burlap and had it dyed black and fire proofed. I cut it and sewed it together for a large drape. Our house looked like a barber shop after a full day of cutting hair! We draped the back of the fairly large booth. Mickey cut “frames” out of plywood,and even though they were flat, with some painting they looked three dimensional.

He wired large branches into the three frames…and I made large flowers from some kind of foam, and wired them onto the branches…some leaves, as well. They looked pretty good. It was a very attractive looking booth.

The first year we put the paintings in the PNE we were on our own. We were set up across from a food court, and they had an organist playing there. He got to know our favorite songs. He would look over and see that we were tired, and starting to sag a bit, so he would come on really loud with “our” song, and it helped to get through very tiring days.

The following two years we went as part of a group. MIckey had a broken leg during one of these sessions, so I had to do all the “bull” work.

Before this time, while the boys were around six or seven, we would take them to the PNE. I made sandwiches to take so we could save on food. They had a pretty good time, even though they didn’t get to ride on the train that took you around the areas.

One year we had ‘seen everything’ and were heading for the exit gates. Ra found five dollars on the ground, and was so excited… he paid for all of us to go on that train. What he didn’t know… his dad  dropped the fiver for him to find!

The PNE runs from the middle of August until Labour Day, and then School starts. For the exhibiters, it is a long stretch… we were there from before ten in the morning when the buildings opened to the public….until late in the evening. I’m not sure, but I think it was ten at night.

When I was a kid, the PNE booths would give out small boxes of their samples… that was fun to collect them and then we could play ‘store’.

The PNE parade used to go through the main part of down town Vancouver, ending up at the PNE grounds. Even that has been changed!

My husband designed the view that greeted patrons as they came to the main gate one year…., and quite a few of the booths.