It’s already September, 2014!

Time to get back to some sort of a routine.I love September…usually still beautiful weather, but minus the heat!

Most years, it means that kids go back to school… not this year in British Columbia.. Teachers strike.

I remember the first day of school for each of my three boys. Gary was so proud that he could now go with his two brothers!  And even more so when he could come home at lunch time and tell us “I got A in spelling!”1958-09-00 - Gary's going to school!

While the three of them were at school, we had gone out and bought a tape recorder, with only one tape. We hooked it up under the table and didn’t tell them it was there, and turned on all through lunch. When they had finished eating we played it back for them. Pretty funny!

I would like to have saved that first tape, but we only had the one, so it got used over and over. Ra used it to record his puppet shows, then all he had to do was operate the hand puppets when the show was on!!

We recorded one of our sing-a-long sessions…and my husband said he would never sing again after hearing himself on that tape! Instead, he would play the mouth organ…blues harp. He was really good at that.

Here I go off in another direction….want to follow?

You know, sometimes when you sit down to write the words just seem to flow through your fingers…. other times…nothing. Tonight is one of the ‘nothing’ times. So, I might as well go and do something else for this evening…might even watch some TV.

Another day….maybe it will get in the mood today.

One  of my friends at our assisted living place is a pretty good card customer of mine….she is always asking me if I could do smaller cards to minimize the postage on cards being mailed to Europe or Britain. And I have told her, each time, that I don’t do smaller cards.

Well, things have changed a bit.

There’s a table in the craft room down stairs… anything you don’t want, leave it and anyone that comes along can have it .

The other day there were two packets of different sized card stock, and envelopes…Guess who got them?I’m doing the smaller cards, but have to do each one by hand. Not putting them in the  computer, or I would have to set up a whole new system!

Doing these smaller cards by hand triggered a long lost memory! I remember when I was sixteen, seventeen doing cards by hand and I sold them for ten cents a piece or a dollar a dozen!…That’s how bad the money situation was back at that time.


4 thoughts on “September.

  1. I guess that’s called adaptability, or supply and demand — adjusting to meet a current need. Your handmade cards will be extra special so you can charge just as much (or more), even if they are smaller. 🙂

    I love autumn, and September is one of my favourite months, too. The children always loved getting their new school supplies and carefully labelling everything with their names. Depending on the budget, they sometimes got a new outfit, too.

  2. Wonderful story about the kids going to school – brings a flood of memories back about going to school myself. You might run out of words at your finger tips but your sure tickle the images into our brains to fill up the space. 😀

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