It has been a rather hectic time around here lately… it seems that everything keeps changing.

As you probably remember, I live in an assisted living place. The care aides are provided by an outside company.  For whatever the reason management decided to change the company that supplies our ‘girls’.

The change-over was supposed to be almost unnoticable…..not so!

Schedules have changed…jobs that were done by one group are no longer part of their day. Special cleaning gals now come… what was part of the  cleaning program before is now not the cleaners job…” Care aides will have to do that!”

New employees have to learn what to do with my oxygen….and I have  to learn to be patient with their learning experience! (Boy, that’s a lot of learning in that sentence!)

I have an extractor (?) and then the cylinders are filled from that. The portable cylinders have to be filled again after my trips down for meals, or activities. New employees don’t know what to do with it, so more confusion….if the cylinder is not set in properly, the oxygen won’t fill. By the way, I’m on oxygen 24/7.

About a  month ago our chef that had been here for two years, gave her notice and went to a better job. She was hired for one job, but they kept adding more and more  work from the connected buildings.

They have hired a new, five star chef… and there are lots of changes going on in that area as well…for the good!

Care aides have to wear aprons and hair nets while serving our food. Hot food is being served hot in most cases…. and the chef is on the scene at all meals, except for her two days off…Sunday and Monday.

Like Trooper’s  Raise a Little Hell says “If  you don’t like what you’ve got why don’t you change it?” I’m trying!

My in home oxygen was set at 3.5… now someone has changed is to 3 and I am having more trouble with my breathing.

I will get it changed back, just have to wait for the lady that put me on the 3.5 to  get back to work, on Monday so she can prove that’s what I was on!

I realize that this is a very boring post…and…no pictures, either! Sorry in both cases.


6 thoughts on “Changes!

  1. Glad at least the food seems to be improving. Hope they get your oxygen levels back on track and everyone finally gets trained. I know it is very trying for the residences when so many changes happen at once

  2. Glad to hear from you and to know that your silence was due to the changeover confusion, not illness. When you are silent, I worry a tad about you. Things will sort themselves out eventually. And you’ll be gaining weight from the cordon bleu meals you seem to be in for. 🙂 Praying that the changeover goes more smoothly and swiftly. Grace and peace, Judith

  3. Hang in there Norma. It will all settle in a while once the new staff learns the ropes and get to know you. My mom had a very good philosophy when it came to care givers, it went like this “You can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar”. It served her well. She was always very sweet with them and got better care for it.

    • Thanks, Jean. Although I didn’t put a name to it.that’s what I try to do with the care givers here. A lot of them have been with me for the whole 8 years, now I have to train a whole new lot!

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