And More Changes!

And More Changes!

For the last while I’ve been having problems with my oxygen. It’s complicated, but finally, as of this morning, it got “fixed”.

It goes like this. The cylinders were not filling properly part of the time. My setting is 3.5, and they turned it back to 3 so that the machine would work properly…but I didn’t! This has been going on for a couple of weeks or more. We had to supply a paper trail to prove what my setting was supposed to be.

Okay? Once we got the paper trail (via computer email and fax machines,) they brought me a different machine that would handle the higher number.. Clear? Maybe not? All I really know is that it makes a big difference in how I feel with my oxygen setting at the right level for my breathing.

Here I go again… wandering all over the place.Danielle, Louise, Quinn, Norma and Elsie

I have a niece who lives in Quesnel, B.C. About five hundred miles or so from Vancouver… in the Cariboo. We hadn’t seen each other for a few years, although we’ve kept in touch by phone or emails.

I got a call to let me know that she and three of her family were coming down and would come for a visit. I thought there might be some illness requiring a doctors appointment…but no, they came to visit me!

The first visit included Ra and Debbie, my son and daughter in law and was very special… Five generations were here! Of course I’m the oldest, then my niece, Elsie, her daughter, Louise, Louise’ daughter, Danielle, and Danielle’s daughter, Quinn…a sweet little miss who is four years old.

They stayed in a hotel down by the beach, and the second day just my niece and her daughter came, while mom and the little one got to play on the beach. And the third day, they all came in the morning, and left for Vancouver at noon, and flew home the next day.

I love them dearly, and this visit proved just how important family is.  Hard to hold back tears when you think that we might never see each other again. I feel so blessed that they came to see me this time.

As my son keeps telling me “You’re a lucky girl”!

Yes, I am!


6 thoughts on “And More Changes!

  1. What a bevy of beauties! Beautiful ladies, beautiful memories, precious times together. I’m so glad they finally got the oxygen under control and that you’re feeling better with your breathing.

  2. Oh, Norma, this is such a wonderful story – I’m so happy for you that you’ve had this wonderful visit. Especially since they got your oxygen levels sorted out and are feeling better.
    Yes, we need to be with those we love, related or not – because one never knows when the sands of time run out for us. My long time friend just died within the last week – only just turned 65. I don’t regret the many hours I’ve spent with her in hospice – just wish I could see her again.

  3. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to get together. A visit like that is a precious gift! And I’m glad your oxygen problem has been sorted out. One’s wellbeing is dependent upon being able to breathe well!

  4. What a great picture of all of you, so happy you got this visit together. I seen Aunty Elsie last month and she mentioned that she had to get down to see you, so glad it happened. Glad to hear that you got your oxygen problem solved as well. Take care.
    Love Daria

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