Back In Time

Back In Time

Memories! Little things spark some of my memories. Like having my shower this morning… it took me back to eighty years ago!

This morning, I stepped into the shower, sat on the stool, and turned on the tap…. Oh, Oh,…that’s not true! I have help with my showers, so all I have to do is step in and sit on the stool! I’m allowed two showers a week!

Back then… someone went to the well, drew two buckets of water and proceeded to carry them up the hill to the house. The well was by the barn, which made it easier to water the horses and milk cows.

We had half a water tank attached at the back of the wood stove. When the cold water was poured in, it was like guns going off for a few minutes! While the water was heating, a wash tub was brought in and a sheet was hung across for privacy, and that’s where you had a bath. No showers! And you only had a bath once a week!

Where did the week go? It was shower day again this morning, so I know I started this a week ago! That’s about all I know!

I did do some work on those little cards…each one done individually by hand… and painted some of them…I did some of the drawing, as well… so that’s where part of the week went.

Another part went waiting for an elevator with room for me.  One of our two elevators is out of order. The person that came to fix it on Friday found that he needed a part…but the office was already closed, so we have to wait until they open after the weekend to see if they have it ‘in stock’, or if they have to order it from somewhere!

In the meantime, it is quite the scramble to go down or back up, for meals. When the ‘first sitting’ is heading for home, others are going down for the second sitting. A lot of people!…about eighty!

Another week has gone by, so I had better post this and see if I can come up with something to write about!

Sorry, no pictures!

3 thoughts on “Back In Time

  1. What? No pictures? [hee hee!] You could maybe have shared one showing your lovely shower curtain. It’s a very pretty one. 😉

    Like you, I can recall baths in a galvanized wash tub when I was a little girl. It was set up fairly close to the kitchen stove, and Mom would hang the towel and my pajamas on the oven door so they were toasty warm for me after my bath was done. Good memories!

  2. That was quite the mind travelling, Norma – and I always enjoy hitch hiking along. 🙂
    I stayed in a cabin on the beach quite a few years ago – up near Powell River. They had a Mexican hot water heater outside on a little porch off the kitchen. If you wanted a shower (no baths), you lit a fire in the heater and waited half an hour. The shower took place on the little porch, too, so you could stand there and look out over the ocean if you wanted – until you remember the tug boats are equipped with binoculars. heheh Then you realize there’s a little door to close that makes the porch into a wee cubicle. 😀

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