Waiting In Line!

Waiting In Line

We have two elevators in this building, but ever since Friday only one is working. The other one is “out of service”.

We have around eighty-four people… with two sittings for meals… one lot are going down while the first sitting is trying to go home. Remember, most of those people have a walker, or are on a scooter, so that the elevator fills up very quickly.

I just made it home yesterday before my oxygen ran out!


One full week of waiting in line ups to go anywhere on the elevator. Once again it is ‘back to normal’…the elevator has finally been fixed.

We have a new tenant on my floor…and her name is “Norma”. I haven’t met her yet, but a lot of people have told me that there is now another ‘Norma’.

We have four ladies named Dorothy. The one that is one of my table mates at meal times fell a few days ago and is in the hospital with a broken arm, I think at the elbow. She will be 104 on the 29th of this month! Not the best kind of a gift that she wanted…or needed.

It’s another beautiful fall day…I went out and took a close up look at the begonias in tubs along the edge of the patio. There is a briskness in the air…almost got me to think about doing some work…but not quite!

No pictures again. My camera is working, but I have to figure out how to upload photos from the camera to the computer program in order for me to share them.

It has been so long since I used the camera that I almost forget that I have one! Maybe that would be a good thing to work on after lunch. I have to load pictures from the card now, and it is a bit different. For me, anyway!


5 thoughts on “Waiting In Line!

  1. It’s a little scary to hear about the oxygen almost running out so I am glad to hear that the elevator is finally working. Always a pleasure to read your posts Noni Grace.

  2. Glad the elevator is back in service. Hope you and Norma Number 2 meet soon and find that you have a lot more in common than your name. Saying a prayer for Dorothy’s broken arm. Praying that it will heal fast and that she will have a wonderful birthday for 105 next year.

    Good to hear from you today. I think of you often. Grace and peace,

  3. So sorry to hear about Dorothy’s broken arm, and hope it heals up quickly. 104 is a wonderful age, but I’m sure it’s hard for her to feel like celebrating the milestone with a broken arm.

    I’m glad to hear your elevator is working again… also that you got outside to enjoy a bit of the lovely Fall sunshine and flowers. Knowing how determined you are, I don’t doubt you’ll get your camera figured out and soon be capturing some of those blossoms to share here. 🙂

  4. Whenever I am having anything done at the hospital, and they are having to find my records, I am told there is another Norma Callow, and she is 104y/o!! They tease me and say that I look good for 104!! 😀. I hope you find a new friend in Norma!
    Xoxo Norma

  5. Just catching up, Norma. Still praying for your friend. I read that one immediately because it looked “time sensitive.” And, so it was!
    When I had to move all my mom’s stuff (except for the big pieces of furniture left for “staging”), the elevator was down for repairs – for six weeks! Mom lived on the second floor and third floors, but the car was in the underground parking, I’d have to pack boxes down to the first floor, then dash along a hallways to another stairwell, and down those stairs. Whew! Got me in a bit of shape there. 😀 Anyway, so glad you didn’t run out of oxygen!

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