Would You Believe?

Would you believe?

After our elevator was ‘out of order’ for a week, it finally got ‘fixed’ after lunch on Monday.

So there is Tuesday, followed by today, Wednesday. By the time we were ready to go down to the dining room for lunch…. same elevator was OUT OF ORDER once again!

I hope we don’t have to wait another week before it is working at it’s job, and doing it properly! Coming home from supper I was trying to get off at my floor…2nd Avenue as we call it…No one would move enough so I ended up on eighth floor, then back down to two. People are getting short tempered! That doesn’t include me of course!

I mentioned supper. Reminds me of the potato salad we had. It isn’t made here, but brought in from the supplier. I had never had potato salad like it before until I came here…..Potatoes, with a few tiny bits of celery and red pepper, and salad dressing. That’s Potato salad here. NO EGG and NO ONION! The best parts of potato salad!

Frustration…It is now Friday again….it was fixed twice, and is now back “out of order”.


3 thoughts on “Would You Believe?

  1. What a nuisance! I hope they can soon get it fixed once and for all! If there was ever a real emergency that required quick evacuation of the building, having one elevator out of commission could end up being more than just an inconvenience!

  2. heheh I’m going about this catching up all out of order so I know what happened at the end of the story. 😀 I love how you call the floors “avenues.” That’s so cheery!

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