Fall Season

Fall Season

Something much brighter than what I have been writing about…you know, elevators that don’t elevate. or descend!

This is the fall season here in Canada… not sure what season it is where you live! Our Thanksgiving Day is Sunday. We have decorations up all over the lobby, dining room and Tree Top Lounge (on the main floor).

Here I go…all over the place again. Come on along!

I haven’t used my camera in a long time. The camera was not broken…but the cord thing that I plugged into it would allow me to transfer my photos to the computer quite easily. Well, then I had to use the card thing…. and that took a while for me to find out (through my son) how to use that. And even more time to know how to transfer them.

Believe it or not…I finally figured it out a few minutes ago!fall dec 1

So what has that got to do with fall decorations?

When I was down for supper, I took my camera along, and snapped a few photos so I could test it out. I hope you enjoy seeing these handsome fellows.fall dec 2y

As I wrote this a few days ago, it is  bit out of place…Today is Thanksgiving day! Will save the rest for a new post!


4 thoughts on “Fall Season

  1. Love the photos. Glad you finally figured it out. I’m totally convinced that keeping up with learning new things has the effect of keeping us young far beyond our years. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So glad to hear you’ve figured out how to transfer your photos to the computer again! And it’s nice to see your fall/Thanksgiving decorations. They’re very cheerful. 🙂 Hope you’re having a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We have about 5 weeks until our Thanksgiving “Statteside” when most of the fall foliage will be down and we are thinking Winter.

  4. I loved the photos – so pleased you’ve got it all figured out. 🙂 Lovely decorations – it’s nice to see things festive. Those would do for Halloween, as well!

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