Looking Back

Looking Back

You probably have heard of the Advent calendar…with a treat for every day as you wait for the arrival of Christmas. Mostly for children.

Well, my niece and her husband came for a visit yesterday. They brought me an advent calendar…..except it isn’t a calendar. It’s a whole box full of goodies. Today, package number three brought a  lovely ceramic Christmas tree, all decorated…..and you know what? it’s a music box!! Wow! I love it!

It brings memories flooding back. And they didn’t know that it would.

When my husband and I first started going together, and our first Christmas came around….what do you think he gave me?

Yep… a music box to hold my powder puff…things like that were used in those days! I’ve got enough memories running through my head to last for the rest of the day…maybe even longer.photo 2_2

Photo from Carol J. Garvin


7 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Well you are a lucky lady for sure . Memories are what keeps us going sometimes. I cherish all of mine.
    Love you Auntie Norma

  2. My goodness! No, we had no idea it would trigger memories. But we’re so glad the Advent Box is bringing you pleasure. Advent should be a time of happy anticipation as we look ahead to the celebration of Christ’s birthday.

    Much love to you!

  3. I love the idea of an advent calendar. I used them when my children were little, but haven’t had one since. I remember the music boxes that were powder containers and jewelery boxes. They still make the jewelry box music boxes, but I’ve not seen a powder box with a music box in it for ages.

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