Flowers On Display

Flowers on Display.

Along with the Fall decorations that I used in my last post, we have a basket full hanging on the wall. I took a picture, but I was sitting on my motorized chair…and the basket  is not straight… and I cant remember how to straighten it! Tilt your head just a little and that will straighten it for you!Fall decorations

Have you seen those Phony flowers? They come in all shapes and sizes. We have some of those, but also ‘live’ plants. The real thing!

Time to wander!….

My friend Janice has two green thumbs… and she loves her ‘garden’. A lot of it is in large pots out on her deck, but more fill up the spaces in her suite. She is generous in sharing, and when there is something special in smaller containers, she takes them down to the craft room, or the main lobby for all of us to enjoy.

Amarillas 1Right now she has three fabulous Amaryllas in bloom!

They all belong to the ‘WOW’ family! All three are on display where we can enjoy them. She was really pleased to get the photos I took for her records.amrillas3 copy

I am so thankful  that I had figured out how to use my camera in time to get photos in the past couple of days.ama3

I have just started taking pictures while sitting in my ‘mobile’ chair…not that easy! I do stand up to take some of them, but I am a bit shaky working that way.

Today is Thanksgiving, and is a holiday. We had our turkey dinner and stuffing with pumpkin pie at noon yesterday…At supper tonight we had a delightful surprise. Cream cheese and lox on a croissant. Our new Chef is really making a difference!


A New Place.

A New Place

The house on Muirfield Drive was brand new.

They had planted lawn in the front, the sides and ten feet behind the house…the rest was up to us. It was some time before we could spend any money on gardening.

We had to get a clothesline, (no dryer) garbage cans, watering hose, watering can and all the various things that you need when you own the place! Even a broom and a mop!

When we first moved there, we were only allowed to rent…later the houses were put up for sale. Ours was eleven thousand, five hundred, but if you stayed five years they changed it to ten thousand, five hundred. The down payment was five hundred dollars. We cashed in some pop bottles  to keep us going until payday, which was once a week.

You are not going to believe this, but it is TRUE.

Our mortgage payment was thirty nine dollars a month! Don’t forget that with the wages we got, this was hard to come by at times.

I remember the day we had paid it all and got the final papers! I also remember the day we sold it in one day (for more than we were asking as there were two bidding against each other.) We paid cash for the house we bought in Langley. NO Mortgage.

Here we go…mind jumping again!We never bought anything on time if we could help it. I would not buy a freezer until we could pay for it…. then kicked myself for not getting it “on time.” It saved us a lot of money… but I didn’t know that would happen.

We bought a side of beef at a time, then watched for sales for the other kinds of meat, and bought in small quantities…what ever we could afford. Eventually, the cost of a side of beef was outrages, so we  just bought beef when it was on sale as well.

My husband disliked sandwiches in his lunch at work…. I made beef meat pies, and sausage rolls. I could freeze them for his lunches. They had a pot bellied stove at work that he could heat them on.images

I did a lot of baking. I loved it!  I had a sour dough starter and had to keep using it and feeding it. I have a lot of sour dough recipes… all of which my sons enjoyed. They were teen agers and had hollow legs…took a lot of food to fill them up! I think cinnamon rolls were about their favourite… or pancakes… or sour dough chocolate cake!

I think the Sour Dough Bread was one of their favourites. I made four loaves at a time, and as soon as they were out of the oven, one loaf was devoured!

Eventually I had to give up on home made bread every day. I couldn’t bake it fast enough to keep up with all of us. They didn’t have those ‘bread machines’ back then….I was it.


Still spring


It’s June of 2014..the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming..local strawberries are nearly ready to give us that fresh- from- the- garden taste.We are so blessed  here in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada!


As my son says to me quite often, “You’re a very lucky girl!” Yes I am. Well, not really a “girl” any more, but at what age do I stop being “a girl?”


You know, when I reached my fiftieth birthday all that kept going through my head was “I’m half way there!”. So ever since that day I’ve said “I’m going to make it to a hundred!”


Whether or not that happens, I have been very blessed throughout my lifetime…starting with my parents… a car accident that ‘they’ thought I would not recover from, and some surgeries that once again ‘they’ didn’t  think I would make it.  And for my husband and three wonderful sons. Yet here I am…thankful to God for all the blessings that he continues to send my way.


Only nine more years to go!




My blog gets you to a lot of situations and places because I wander…but thats how my mind goes, so I have to follow! So here we go awandering!


We moved to Langley when there was still ten days left of Grade ten, and I had to go. Didn’t do much, but did meet some of the other kids.


When School started next session I was voted class President. We had a rather odd principal… his name was Manzer… Doing genealogy in later years I’m pretty sure there was a relation between him and me. The daughter of William White, (Susan) the Loyalist, married Bernard Manzer’s,( Loyalist) son, Henry. I never followed it through, but the possibility is there. We would have had the same great great grandparents!


Mr.Manzer decided he would call all of the girls by their  last name as he had enough to remember learning them. Except for me, class president, he called ‘Norma.”!

He taught Math, and would have things on the board to get the class started if he was a bit late getting there and I would have students up at the board working on them when he came. He was a good teacher.


We had another great teacher..Donny Rodgers…He drilled the lessons into us during classes so that we hardly had to do any studying.


And then there was Mr. Leonard, the music teacher. He decided that we would put on an operetta, and bought one…”The Wishing Well”. In later years he wrote the operetta! They were going to have auditions to see who would play the parts.

2004:06 :19 Roses16

Three of us gals had nothing to do, so decided to try out just for fun! Two of us got roles. I was picked for the leading lady, Mary. We had to sing “Brahms Lullaby”.


This was part of one of the songs….


Mary,  my own, McCushla,

My Irish colleen fair,

Cheeks with the tint of roses,

Mary, with auburn hair… that’s all I can remember!


We even made our own costumes!


The day came when we were to perform the operetta. In the theatre in ‘down town’ Langley in the afternoon for the whole school, and another performance in the evening for parents and friends.


And.. we were presented with roses at the end!!!

How’s that for exciting!!!

At Last!

At Last!   Last November, six months ago, I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I had been on oxygen at night for quite a few years, but when I came home from there, I was put on oxygen 24/7. It does make it a little more difficult to do things, and each time I leave my suite I have to change to the portable oxygen, and when I get home, go through the changing all over again.

I was weak, with little or no energy… and had no desire to do anything! Eventually I began wanting to draw and paint…but still lacked the ambition to do either. It is not a good thing to just sit around doing nothing or watching TV.

So, after six months I finally got out my pencils (and eraser) and I drew a rose. It was another four or five days before I got out my paints, brushes and some water, and went to work painting it!

6 month rose copy I give it to you! With love! For all of my faithful followers who kept coming to visit. I appreciate each and everyone of you and sincerely thank you!





In 1938  we were living at 70th and Granville. A young man came to our door looking for a rooming place. He had his pilots license, but was to be at the air port to upgrade his flying skills. He was a Mounted Policeman!  WOW!


We didn’t have a separate. spare room…. so, being a little crazy about the Mounties I begged for my parents to let him have my room, and I would sleep on a couch in their room.


It just happened that he was staying with us when we got word that my brother had died. He was very kind and considerate, and it was a good thing for mom and dad to have his companianship while they talked about some of the things that he ran into with his job.

1938 Stan Rothwell jpg copy

And, Stan took me up in a two seater airplane! While we were ‘up’ it fogged in and he had to drop the plane quite  a distance in order to get out of the fog. I thought I was losing my tummy!


Stan was with us for a couple of months, and we were all sad to see him go. He obtained the license he had been working for and was then in some  position out at the Vancouver airport.




When our children are small and everything is new, even their vocabulary is all new.  Some words come easy, while others are much more difficult.


When I was around seven or eight my gardening neighbour tried to teach me the names of all of her flowers. I was quick to learn, but there was one that I could not pronounce…nemesium….


I do remember that she would be out in the garden transplanting ones from the nursery…always on a rainy day…then she would go in and have a mustard bath and never seemed to catch a cold from doing it.


I wonder how I can change subjects so quickly?


So back to what I started out to write!


One of my sons had a couple of words that he couldn’t say at first…Pyterpater and Skeeverskyver.

Did you have one of those? Or maybe both?


I remember paying fifty dollars for a ‘peviously owned’

Pyterpater, and was really happy to have it.


I was sorry when my husband taught him how to say the words properly!