Out to sea!

Hector Heritage Quay

“The Hector Heritage Quay is one of Nova Scotia’s major cultural tourist attractions. Through the depiction of the story of Scottish migration to the New World, the Hector Heritage Quay introduces visitors to the history and culture of the area. A series of imaginative and informative displays retell the story of the Ship Hector voyage in 1773. The centerpiece of the attraction is a full scale reproduction of the ship Hector. This three masted, fully rigged ship is found on Pictou’s historic waterfront. Hear the sizzling sounds of the working blacksmith’s forge, and the rhythm of the mallets and chisels of the ship’s carpenters. Also on location, the Ship Hector Company Story featuring items built on site and official memorabilia.”

The above was taken from 2.APictou11their website.The_Hector_(replica),_Pictou,_Nova_Scotia

What they don’t tell you… After that first voyage, The Hector headed back for another ship load of more Scottish immigrants… and was never heard from again….lost at sea!

The displays were very informative and entertaining.

We left Pictou, heading for Chetticamp to go Whale watching! Ra Phoned ahead for the schedule, and they held the voyage for us to get there.We headed out to sea, no whales sighted, so they showed us some caves along the coast… then a phone call from the “other” boat telling us whales had been spotted. Our boat turned around and raced across the water to get there as fast as we could!

Whale watching, out of Chetticamp, Cape bretonWhales! Yep! Exciting! WhalesYep!   And then, on the way back to port, we saw more Whales.

Chetticamp is on Cape Breton, as is Baddeck, where we stayed. That’s all for this time!


5 thoughts on “Out to sea!

  1. A nice reading for my Sunday evening – what a beautiful place so full of history and culture. I would love to visit. Photos, no matter where they came from, were gorgeous. 🙂

  2. You learned so much local history and took in so many wonderful sights during your trip! I’ve never been whale watching but have been fortunate to see the occasional one here off the west coast. It’s a wonderful sight, for sure.

  3. Hi Heather and Carol,
    I put the kettle on and we can all have tea… just like old times with Johnny and Mr. Fredericks!
    Thanks for coming by and for commenting…. lets me know that someone is reading my blog… or at least, visiting!

    • Thank you for your visit and your comment… it is great to know that someone is insterested in reading my blog.

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